Moissanite/Diamond Care Methods and Frequently Asked Questions

Moissanite/Diamond Care Methods

The most attractive thing about moissanite is that it is more dazzling than diamonds. In addition to its own unreasonable birefringence, of course it can produce a luxurious effect at a low price for ordinary people.Having said that, many friends only know a little about moissanite. There are even rumors that moissanite will lose its color and lose its shine after being worn for a long time.In fact, it is impossible to lose color. Although moissanite is artificially cultivated, it is not a chromosome, so how can it lose color? This is pure nonsense. The properties of moissanite can be preserved forever just like diamonds.

Why does moissanite have a layer of white mist on its surface after being worn for a long time?

After wearing it for a long time, there is usually a layer of white mist. In fact, this white mist is food or body fat. Moissanite is lipophilic like diamond , so even Diamond will also happenDaily cosmetics and skin care products, food fumes, and human sweat will inevitably stick to the surface of moissanite or diamond; this is why there is a layer of white mist after wearing it for a long time.

Why does the white mist on the surface of moissanite affect the refraction effect?

Laziness is human nature. When you buy a ring, you want to wear it once and for all without taking care of it. In the long run, Moissanite will have a lot of oil stains on its surface, and Moissanite The principle of stone and diamond are the same, relying on the reflection of light; and this layer of white mist blocks the released light, greatly affecting the reflection effect.Friends can use a magnifying glass to observe moissanite or diamond that have not been cleaned for a long time. You can definitely see a thick layer of oil molecules.

About the cleaning cycle of moissanite and diamonds!

Moissanite will not fade like diamondIf it doesn’t flash after being worn for a long time, the reason must be oil pollution. Just clean and maintain it.So how often should moissanite and diamond be cleaned? If you wear it for a long time or every day, the cleaning cycle will be more frequent. It is expected to be cleaned once every two weeks.

About how to clean moissanite and diamonds!

There are two methods:

1.Soak moissanite or diamond in some special detergent3After a few minutes, brush lightly with a soft brush;

When you purchase over $1,000 at K Jewelery Co., the store will give you a pen-type cleaner that combines soft bristles and detergent into one. Just open the pen cap and transfer the cleaning solution out. Then lightly brush on the moissanite/diamond, wait for a few minutes, rinse directly with water, and then wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. You can immediately see the difference after cleaning.

2.Soak moissanite or diamond in an ultrasonic cleaner and add daily cleaning fluid to clean 30 minutes;

If there are stains or sebum on the surface of Moissanite, you can lightly rub it with a silver cloth to easily remove the oil stains or stains on the surface.

The final thing to note is that you cannot use strong alkalinity like soap to clean Moissanite, and do not come into contact with bleach and some chemicals, and try to avoid contact with oil stains and body stains. sweat


1. Will silver plated with platinum turn black?

Pure silver will react chemically with oxygen when exposed to the air for a long time, and the surface will begin to turn black. Especially in a humid environment, it is easier toSo most sterling silver jewelry is electroplated with a layer of white gold.
K Jewelery Co.'s sterling silver electroplating series. In order to make the jewelry waterproof, sweat-proof and allergy-free, metalworkers electroplated five layers of 18K white gold to make the jewelry more resistant to discoloration. Please feel free to use it.Although it is made of waterproof material, you can wash your hands and take a bath (but it is not recommended). However, please remove the jewelry for beach, swimming, sulfur, and hot springs. There are still many ingredients that may cause the jewelry to change color. It is strongly recommended to remove and properly store your jewelry before playing in the water or soaking in hot springs!

The jewelry in our store will come with a transparent sealed bag. When the silver jewelry is not worn, please wipe it with a silver cloth and put it in a transparent sealed bag for storage, which can effectively delay the oxidation of the jewelry

2. How can I clean and maintain the jewelry after wearing it for a long time?

It is recommended that you use special detergent to soak for 2-3 minutes at home and wipe it with a silver cloth. It is not recommended that you use silver washing water to clean it.
K Jewelery Co. will provide each customer with a special velvet bag and our customized silver cloth

3. Can jewelry touch water?

Sterling silver electroplated with platinumIt is an anti-sensitive material and can be exposed to water normally.However, it is recommended to remove it when bathing

If you want to slow down the oxidation of jewelry, please keep it as dry as possible, avoid contact with any chemical substances containing acid and alkali (such as hot springs, sea water, medicinal soap, sweat, etc.)

4. Will gold plating fade?

At present, only pure gold products on the market will not fade. The products themselves are electroplated to preserve the color. However, over time, there will be natural reactions such as oxidation and fading.

The degree of oxidation will vary depending on the environment, jewelry material, and maintenance methods

5. Is there an effective way to extend the life of jewelry?

(1)Avoid wearing the same jewelry for a long time
(2)Bath and wash hands / Take it off when you sweat a lot. If you accidentally touch it, wipe it clean with a dry cloth as soon as possible to avoid residue.
(3)Use a dry cloth to wipe it after removing it. And store it in a zipper bag to isolate it from air
(4) Store them individually in zipper bags to avoid differences in jewelry materials ,causing mutual friction damage
(5)Avoid direct contact with perfume, soap, hair spray, shampoo Detergents, acid and alkali chemicals, and other chemical items to prevent jewelry from being damaged by corrosion, fading, etc.
(6)Prevent excessive beating and heavy pressure