Our store packaging

K Jewelery Co. provides each customer with exquisite packaging. Whether for personal use or as a gift, there is still a sense of ritual of opening the gift. Life is not easy, and you need to be better to others and yourself

(Note: The supply of bouquets will depend on the holiday, and the styles may be different each time. If out of stock, the bouquet may not be attached)

Accessory packaging box (may be changed to different packaging at different times, subject to receipt)

Customized silver cloth in our shop - develop a good habit of cleaning jewelry frequently

Jewelry care advice card-Properly maintain jewelry and keep it in the best condition at all times

Our store's special jewelry bag - it is convenient for everyone to store jewelry. The material is very soft and suitable for carrying small things when traveling

Paper bag - a simple and elegant paper bag for those who want to send friends as gifts

When you purchase over $1,000, our store will give you a pen cleaner
Soft bristles and detergent are combined into one. Just open the pen cap, transfer the cleaning fluid out, then lightly brush on the moissanite/diamond, wait for a few minutes, rinse directly with water, and then dry with soft bristles. Once the cloth is dry, you can immediately see the difference after cleaning.