Moissanite Three Prong Earrings Moissanite high-definition three-prong earrings

Moissanite Three Prong Earrings Moissanite high-definition three-prong earrings

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Main stone | Moissanite
Material | S925 sterling silver plated with five layers of 18k gold/
Moissanite color | D-F
Clarity | VVS
Cut | Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows
✨ It can be tested as a full-sized diamond with a diamond test pen

⭐️After payment, the goods will be shipped in about 5-10 working days
After the size is determined, it will be set by a professional gold master

✨ K gold material can be customized: it takes about 2-3 weeks to order 9K, 14K, 18K, platinum Pt950 can be customized (gold, platinum, rose gold)
If you want to order K gold, please contact customer service for a quote with the size

What exactly is moissanite?

What is the difference between it and the diamonds you see?

Next, I will tell you the answer in the most popular language.

Moissanite is a kind of laboratory-synthesized gemstone. Compared with diamond, there is almost no difference to the naked eye

Because the appearance of moissanite is very similar to that of diamonds, non-appraisers cannot distinguish between the two except using professional instruments. Therefore, in the eyes of some people, moissanite is equivalent to imitation diamonds. In fact, this statement has no basis. Although moissanite looks similar to diamonds, its properties are completely different from diamonds

It has an astonishing brilliance that is not found in diamonds and other gemstones. It is both internal and external. It is a very unique gemstone. Moissanite is moissanite, not an imitation diamond. Could it be said that moissanite is not an imitation diamond. Is it wrong for mulberry stones to look like diamonds?

The price of moissanite is less than one-tenth of that of diamonds. Perhaps the mistake is that moissanite is not only beautiful but also expensive.