(Available only in Hong Kong, liquids cannot be sent overseas) Jewelery Cleanser (Free Gift Order Over HKD1000)

(Available only in Hong Kong, liquids cannot be sent overseas) Jewelery Cleanser (Free Gift Order Over HKD1000)

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(Hong Kong only, liquids cannot be sent abroad
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𝒦 𝒥𝑒𝓌𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓇𝓎

Pen type cleaner 2.5ml
Soft bristles and detergent are combined into one. Just open the pen cap and turn the cleaning fluid out from the tail (For new pens, please turn it a dozen times more), and then Brush lightly on moissanite/diamond, wait a few minutes, rinse directly with water, and then wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. You can immediately see the difference after cleaning.

What exactly is moissanite?

What is the difference between it and the diamonds you see?

Next, I will tell you the answer in the most common language.

Moissanite is a kind of laboratory-synthesized gemstone. Compared with diamond, there is almost no difference to the naked eye

Because the appearance of moissanite is very similar to that of diamonds, non-appraisers cannot distinguish between the two except using professional instruments. Therefore, in the eyes of some people, moissanite is equivalent to imitation diamonds. In fact, this statement has no basis. Although moissanite looks similar to diamonds, its properties are completely different from diamonds

It has an amazing brilliance that is not found in diamonds and other gemstones. It is both internal and external. It is a very unique gemstone. Moissanite is moissanite, not an imitation diamond. Could it be said that moissanite is not an imitation diamond? Is it wrong for mulberry stones to look like diamonds?

The price of moissanite is less than one-tenth of that of diamonds. Perhaps the mistake is that moissanite is not only beautiful but also expensive.

For those who have never really seen or touched moissanite jewelry, you can buy it and try it. It is not expensive anyway.

You have received it. You can compare it with diamonds. If you can’t tell the difference, help us recommend it to your family and friends so that more people can know K Jewelery .

Usually spending a thousand yuan is just enough for the whole family to go out for a meal, but today, you can buy D colored ones that can pass the test The pen is made of the best moissanite and comes with a sterling silver base electroplated with 5 layers of 18K platinum. If you don’t like it, there’s no loss, but if you like it, you’ll open up a completely new world of jewelry for yourself!