What is the difference between 18K gold and platinum-plated sterling silver?

18K Gold (AU750)

There are three main colors of 18K gold, white (white gold), brown bronze (rose gold) and yellow (gold). They are also composed of 75% pure gold plus 25% other metals, making them combine into the corresponding color and thereby increasing the hardness of the gold. 18K gold is the most commonly used material for setting diamonds and other precious stones. There are three main reasons for its popularity:

Advantages 1. High hardness Not easy to break.
Advantages 2. Not easy to oxidize
18K gold has excellent performance in resisting oxidation and maintaining luster. Under normal daily wear conditions, it can maintain more than 80% of its newness after wearing it for several years. Cleaness.
Advantage 3. Circulation
Recycling of 18K gold jewelry is very popular. If the price of gold rises, there is a chance to earn the difference by recycling the old gold jewelry.

Sterling Silver (S925)

925 sterling silver is a common silver-white metal, consisting of 92.5% precious metal "Silver" plus 7.5% other metals. Due to the low hardness of 925 sterling silver and easy oxidation and blackening, K Jewellery Co. will use Korean machine to electroplate the surface of sterling silver with five layers of 18K gold technology (platinum plated on sterling silver), but customers still need to clean it Maintenance (with the silver cloth provided by our store) can keep its luster.

Please refer to our maintenance advice

Advantage 1. Cheap
A piece of sterling silver jewelry is only a few hundred dollars.
Advantage 2. Appearance
K Jewellery Co.The sterling silver platinum-plating process is metalworking, and each moissanite is also inlaid independently by gold craftsmen after the order is placed. It is no different from jewelry in 18K gold.
Benefit 3. Cleanable
Although sterling silver requires frequent cleaning, cleaning is not difficult.

Disadvantages 1. Easy to oxidize
Sterling silver will oxidize and turn black after contacting with air; even if it is electroplated with platinum, it can usually maintain 6 to 12 months.
Disadvantage 2. No liquidity
The price of sterling silver is almost one percent of that of gold, so there is no point in recycling.

18K gold (AU750) sterling silver (S925) comparison:

1.Material respectively

18KGold isAu750 Whole body solid gold
is 75% pure gold, which is the international standard

🔹Silver Gold Plating
K Jewellery Co.Korea Machine Electroplating Five-layer 18K Gold Plating Technology
The body is 925sterling silver
plating with 18K white gold coating
to make the jewelry last longer

2. Process respectively

Ring /Bracelet/PendantK Jewellery Co.Each piece is made by the designer with computer drawing and patterning,
purely polished and cast by hand, and individually set by hand
From the first step to the last step, it is all hand-made by gold craftsmen

🔹Stery Silver Gold Plated
Rings and pendants are cast by machine and polished by hand,
Moissanite main stone is set by hand

3. DoFs respectively

Ring /Bracelet/Pendants,
All styles/sizes can be designed by yourself
Or come to order and design the style,every piece will help you to draw on the computer
It is basically impossible to do it

🔹 Sterling silver and gold plated
Most of the styles are physical models, a small amount can be customized
But customized models need to be made with computer graphics and printing Mold
The price of customized products will not be several hundred yuan
It is difficult to make independent styles and sizes

4. values ​​respectively

K Jewellery Co.18K are all real Made of gold, the workmanship is textured
Accept the laboratory test and can be used in the market gold shops18KPrice recovery
Non-ordinary silver products use fake Au750 engravings to pretend to be real Au750 18K gold
Even if the guests no longer bring this jewelry, 18K Gold will have recycling value.
It is more suitable for customers who have the pursuit of quality

🔹Silver Gold Plated
Made of 925sterling silver, plated with five layers of 18K white gold by Korean electroplating technology
It is more suitable for customers who have a variety of accessories and frequently change styles

5. Price respectively

Hong Kong2021Gold price about $19,000/=
so 18Kaccessories will follow the international gold price,
About at least $2000Starting above
The price will vary with the gold weight and craftsmanship

🔹Pure Silver Gold Plated
The price will not be affected by the international gold price
The price of accessories will be changed from $1000 The following starts