Ordering Instructions/Ordering Time and Logistics Method

Please read carefully before purchasing and place an order after confirmation. Placing an order means that you have read and agreed to all the instructions of our store

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🔵Order shipping time

- Due to the large number of styles and ring numbers, the best moissanite must be hand-picked one by one. It is not possible to keep large quantities in stock. After the order is placed, it will be set by professional gold craftsmen according to the customer's ring style and size.

-All styles in the order will be shipped together and will not be sent separately. If there is jewelry that needs to be customized in the order, it will wait for the customization to be completed and the entire order will be shipped together

  • Silver 925 plated 18K style

It will be sent out in about 7-10 working days after placing the order. Except for some products that need to be customized, the customized product page will explain it. If you have requirements for the date, you can communicate with the customer service to see if you can arrange it as much as possible. Because the products are hand-inlaid, It is recommended to reserve sufficient time for ordering

💎A small amount of earrings and necklaces are in stock, You can view all our ready-made products in our "Ready Stock Area" Please make sure that the options are marked "in stock". Only options marked "in stock" indicate that they are in stock.Ready goods will be dispatched within 2-3 working days

  • 18K diamond model

It will be shipped in about 7-14 working days. Please allow sufficient time for ordering except for certain items that require customization.If a style is discontinued and cannot be ordered again, you can get a refund or change the style.

Credit card payments can only be refunded to the amount spent in the store, and cannot be refunded to banks or cash. Cash/FPS/bank deposits can be refunded to the bank.

Except for discontinued products, refunds or exchanges cannot be made if the delivery date is delayed after placing an order.

  • 14K/18K gold customized model

The ordering period is about 3-4 weeks. The size and style will be determined before production begins. The process of custom-made products is complicated. Each piece of jewelry must be professionally drawn, calculated, polished, polished and inlaid by our shop's workshop. Made by professional gold craftsmen

- During peak seasons and promotions, delivery may take longer. To achieve the best quality, please do not rush orders.

For details on customizing 18K gold, please visit the following webpage

🔵Logistics method and cost details

-All products exclude import duties

1. Hong Kong District: The goods will be sent by SF Express

Available residential addresses/SF Express Station/Smart Cabinet/Industrial and commercial address

Free shipping for purchases above HKD600, HKD$600The following $30Freight fee

2. Macau: Goods will be sent by SF Express

Free shipping for purchases over HKD $1000 and above HKD $1000 or less $40Freight fee

3. Taiwan: The goods will be sent by SF Express

Free shipping for purchases above (HKD$1500/TWD$6000), (HKD$1500/TWD$6000) The following (HKD50/TWD200)Freight fee

*Guests need to pay import taxes

    In response to changes in Taiwan Customs policies, starting from July 1, 2022, the receiving customer must complete the real-name authentication and declaration confirmation operations in a timely manner, otherwise the customs clearance of the goods will be affected. For details, the receiving party can contact SF Express Taiwan Understood, thank you for your support and cooperation

    Step 1. Download EZWAY APP on your mobile phone (Android download/iOS download), and complete EZWAY membership registration and real-name authentication
    Step 2. When ordering, you must fill in the following information in the "Remarks Area" of the shopping cart page:
    1. Correct recipient name
    2. ID card number
    3. Recipient’s mobile phone number (must be consistent with the registered real-name authentication information)
    Step 3. When the customer's shipment is delivered to Taiwan, you will receive a notification from the "EZ WAY 易利伟" APP. The recipient needs to confirm whether the declaration content is correct. If the declaration is consistent, click "Declaration" "Consistent"


    ** Express shipments that have not been authenticated by real-name authentication and confirmed to be entrusted by the recipient will not be able to be cleared for import in Taiwan.If the shipment needs to be returned because the recipient has not registered or submitted correct name registration information, the recipient customer is responsible for repaying the freight and submitting the correct information before re-sending.

    For details, please refer to the following SF official website


    4. Australia, the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and other regions: goods will be sent by FedEx /DHL

    *Guests need to pay import taxes

    * Some remote areas will use EMS

    Silver plated18KJewelry

    Free shipping for purchases above (HKD3000/US385) or above, (HKD3000/US385) or below (HKD300/US38)Shipping fee

    It will be shipped within 7-13 days after placing the order

    18KGold Jewelry

    Free shipping for purchases above (HKD6000/US770) or above, (HKD6000/US770) or below (HKD300/US38)Shipping fee

    It takes about 2-3 weeks after placing the orderIt will be shipped

    5. Singapore area: The goods will be sent by FedEx/DHL

    *Guests need to pay import taxes

    Silver plated18KJewelry

    Free shipping for purchases above (HKD2500/SG450) or above, (HKD2500/SG450) or below (HKD200/SG39)Freight fee

    It will be shipped within 7-13 days after placing the order

    18KGold Jewelry

    Free shipping for purchases above (HKD5000/SG900) or above, (HKD5000/SG900) or below (HKD200/SG39)Freight fee

    Customized models will be shipped approximately 2-3 weeks after placing the order

    🔵Order and product payment methods

    - Payment method on this site:

    (Select QFPay) AlipayHK/WeChat Pay/Tap&Go - consumption coupons can be used

    Visa/ Master/ AE/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay/FPS/ Bank Deposit

    -If you use bank transfer or FPS, please complete the transfer within 24 hours after placing the order. If you cannot transfer within 24 hours, please contact us first and we will help you reserve the order

    - Once all orders are confirmed, there is no possibility to change the content or cancel the order

    - Products will be manually inspected before shipment to ensure there are no problems before being sent out

    🔵Ring size

    The ring size used in our store is Hong Kong code
    For ring size, please refer to the following web page for measurement, or order a ring measurer on the website
    The ring is set separately after the order is placed. If you want to change the size after placing the order, you must re-set it and charge. For details, please refer to our exchange policy