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The store manager has been engaged in jewelry trading for many years and is committed to providing customers with high-quality and economical jewelry. From discovering the potential of moissanite diamonds, he started visiting different moissanite production factories.

I have gone through a lot of rough roads and seen a lot of prices and quality of moissanite before I found the factory I am now cooperating with to produce, with exclusive improved technology, including main stone manufacturing/cutting/production/inlaying/design and finishing. K gold is all produced in the same production line and is produced by extremely experienced craftsmen, allowing us to effectively monitor all quality and results.
Now we are very satisfied with the quality and effect. We can recommend it to our customers and it is worthy of being inlaid with 18K gold.

Moissanite is widely considered to be one of the gemstones closest to diamonds. Its physical structure prevents it from tarnishing or aging over time, and it is harder than high-carbon diamonds, making it less susceptible to surface changes or scratches.

Moissanite is carefully selected for our website and processed through multiple processes. From stone selection to setting, each gemstone is selected one by one by our professionals. We insist on choosing moissanite that is not yellow, not milky white, and not bluish. Each stone shows a clear and bright white color. Moissanite is one of the single most popular diamond substitutes on the market and the difference is indistinguishable to the naked eye.

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and professional gemstones. Each moissanite undergoes rigorous screening and evaluation to ensure its superior quality. We are well aware of our customers' requirements for gemstones, so we focus on providing moissanite that is closest to diamonds so that you can express yourself in a more valuable and beautiful way.

🎈We only have 1-3% of each batch of moissanite that can be used as inlaid jewelry, such as K Gold customization is 1% or less. The selection criteria are based on the highest grade of diamonds

Even for moissanite, there are big differences in quality. There are different qualities of moissanite in the market.
As long as it is moissanite, it can pass the diamond pen test, but they also have different colors like diamonds. and degree of transparency

There are many moissanite jewelry on the market that are affordable or even cost 100 to several hundred yuan. Some of them are coated to make the stone fake. After a period of time, the coating layer will be removed and it will become non-glitter. The effect is really incomparable. It is so beautiful. The mulberry stone is of high quality as shown in our store. You get what you pay for. The cost and quality are directly proportional

High-quality moissanite can reach D color (highly transparent and colorless) VVS clarity (no impurities). Only colorless moissanite can highlight the natural brilliance of the main stone, making it transparent and naturally shiny.
If you take a sip of ordinary quality, it will be opaque, whitish, and yellow, and the effect will be greatly reduced. It will not have the natural and transparent texture like diamonds, and some will sparkle excessively (false sparkle), which is very unnatural.

The above clips are K Jewelery real objects, indoor LED light effectsThe above clips are K Jewelery real objects, all moissanite in the store can pass the diamond test pen, the above effect is the real D color ( Highly transparent and colorless) VVS clarity (no impurities)

Our store has its own workshop, one-stop customized jewelry service, professional jewelry designers draw 3D computer graphics, Design/computer drawing/make wax molds/fill plaster molds/cast and bake/mold making /Stone setting/Grinding/Electroplating/Polishing

Each process needs to be done by hand independently, and the individual pieces are individually customized.

The selected moissanite stones are all selected by our team. After strict process verification and screening one by one, only 1-3% of the rough stones are eligible for selection! Even if the styles are similar, the quality of the moissanite in our store is definitely different than the average. After placing the order, the moissanite is independently set by gold craftsmen