Moissanite/Diamond Care Methods and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Moissanite/Diamond Care Methods

The most attractive thing about moissanite is that it is more dazzling than diamonds. In addition to its own unreasonable birefringence, of course it can produce a luxurious effect at a low price for ordinary people.Having said that, many friends only know a little about moissanite. There are even rumors that moissanite will lose its color and lose its shine after being worn for a long time.In fact, it is impossible to lose color. Although moissanite is artificially cultivated, it is not a chromosome, so how can it lose color? This is pure nonsense. The properties of moissanite can be preserved forever just like diamonds.

Why does moissanite have a layer of white mist on its surface after being worn for a long time?

After wearing it for a long time, there is usually a layer of white mist. In fact, this white mist is food or human body fat. Moissanite is lipophilic like diamond , so even Diamond will also happenDaily cosmetics and skin care products, food fumes, and human sweat will inevitably stick to the surface of moissanite or diamond; this is why there is a layer of white mist after wearing it for a long time.

Why does the white mist on the surface of moissanite affect the refraction effect?

Laziness is human nature. When you buy a ring, you want to wear it once and for all without taking care of it. In the long run, Moissanite will have a lot of oil stains on its surface, and Moissanite The principle of stone and diamond are the same, relying on the reflection of light; and this layer of white mist blocks the released light, greatly affecting the reflection effect.Friends can use a magnifying glass to observe moissanite or diamond that have not been cleaned for a long time. You can definitely see a thick layer of oil molecules.

About the cleaning cycle of moissanite and diamonds!

Moissanite will not fade like diamondIf it doesn’t flash after being worn for a long time, the reason must be oil pollution. Just clean and maintain it.So how often should Moissanite and Diamond be cleaned? If you wear it for a long time or every day, the cleaning cycle will be more frequent. It is expected to be cleaned once every two weeks.

About how to clean moissanite and diamonds!

There are two methods:

1.Soak moissanite or diamond in some special detergent3After a few minutes, brush lightly with a soft-bristled brush;

When you purchase over $1,000 at K Jewelery Co., the store will give you a pen-type cleaner that combines soft bristles and detergent into one. Just open the pen cap and pour the cleaning fluid from the tail. (for new pens, please turn it more than a dozen times), then lightly brush on the moissanite/diamond, wait for a few minutes, rinse directly with water, and then wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. You can immediately see the difference after cleaning.

2.Soak moissanite or diamond in an ultrasonic cleaner and add cleaning fluid to clean 30 minutes;

If there are stains or sebum on the surface of Moissanite, you can lightly rub it with a silver polishing cloth to easily remove the oil stains or stains on the surface.

The last thing to note is that you cannot use strong alkaline soap to clean Moissanite, do not come into contact with bleach and some chemicals, and try to avoid contact with oil stains, oil stains and body sweat.


1. Will silver plated with platinum turn black?

When sterling silver jewelry is exposed to the air for a long time, it may chemically react with oxygen, causing black oxide to form on the surface.This phenomenon is more likely to occur especially in humid environmentsIn order to protect your jewelry, K Jewelery Co. uses Korean technology to electroplate the surface of the jewelry with five layers of 18K white gold.This plating process not only makes the jewelry more durable, it also improves water resistance, sweat resistance and reduces the risk of allergic reactions
You can wear our jewelry with confidence and wash your hands and shower in your daily lifeHowever, we still recommend that you remove your jewelry when touching the beach, swimming pools, hot springs, or using products containing sulfur to avoid ingredients that may cause discoloration
In order to delay the oxidation of the jewelry, we attach a transparent sealed bag to each piece of silver jewelry.When you are not wearing the jewelry, please use the included silver cloth to gently wipe the surface of the jewelry, and then store it in a transparent sealed bagThis can effectively reduce the time the jewelry is in contact with the air and prolong its beauty and luster.
We take customer satisfaction and trust very seriouslyK Jewelery Co. manufactures each piece of jewelry with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and adheres to strict quality control standardsWe understand the importance our customers place on quality and protective jewelry, so we are committed to providing you with the best products and services

2. How can I clean and maintain the jewelry after wearing it for a long time?

The sterling silver part can be wiped with a silver cleaning cloth. It is not recommended that you use silver washing water to clean it.
Moissanite can be cleaned with a diamond cleaning pen. Please refer to the previous section for cleaning methods of moissanite and diamonds.
K Jewelery Co. will provide each customer with a special velvet bag and our customized silver cloth

3. Can jewelry touch water?

Pure silver electroplated whiteK/KMetal is a material that is not easily oxidized and can be exposed to water normally

If you want to slow down the oxidation of jewelry, please keep it as dry as possible, avoid contact with any chemical substances containing acid and alkali (such as hot springs, sea water, medicinal soap, sweat, etc.)

4. Will gold plating fade?

Currently, only pure gold products on the market will not fade. The products themselves are electroplated to preserve the color. However, over time, there will be natural reactions such as oxidation and fading.

The degree of oxidation will vary depending on the environment, jewelry material, and maintenance methods.

5. Does sterling silver turn black easily/Will taking a bath make sterling silver turn black?

More and more people now like to wear silver jewelry. Its unique color cannot be replaced by other metal products. Pure silver jewelry also has a characteristic that it will oxidize, turn black and yellow, so most people are buying it. When buying silver jewelry, we often ask "Is it easy to turn black?". In fact, this question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.There are many reasons why sterling silver will turn black. Silver jewelry turning black is an inevitable phenomenon. If the silver jewelry does not turn black, it must not be sterling silver.

The reason why silver jewelry turns black

Generally speaking, taking a bath with a neutral and mild shower solution will not make sterling silver black. There are many reasons why silver jewelry will turn black, and some of the reasons will be affected by personal use. Even if it oxidizes and turns black, it can be easily cleaned and restored.For the oxidation of silver jewelry, currently only platinum or K gold can be electroplated on the surface of silver jewelry to slow down the oxidation.Next, let’s learn what causes silver jewelry to oxidize and turn black.

  • Soak in hot springs

Winter is nothing more than wanting to soak in hot springs, but if you go to hot springs wearing silver jewelry, there is a very high chance that it will turn black or copper redThat's because sterling silver will react chemically with the sulfides in the hot springs, causing oxidation and discoloration. This is just like the ancient silver needles used to test for poison, so if you want to go to hot springs, remember to take them out.

  • Air environment

The air contains many uncertain substances, so if sterling silver jewelry is not exposed to the air in a zipper bag, it will oxidize and turn black in a few days.Wearing silver jewelry regularly can slow down oxidation. The reason is that the skin will produce oil, and the parts that come into contact with silver jewelry will have a layer of protection. Therefore, wearing silver jewelry regularly is also a way to slow down oxidation.

  • Chemical Substances

Some chemicals or some detergents contain ingredients that can make silver jewelry black, so this may happen.

  • Physical factors

Perhaps many people have doubts about this part? But there are actual casesI have encountered customers who are in poor health and wear sterling silver jewelry that turns yellow and black very quickly.There are also cases where the entire silver jewelry turns dull and blackish yellow within a few days just because they are sick and take too much cold medicine.The main reason is that the human body sweats, and sweat contains sulfur. Wearing silver will absorb sweat, so it will turn sterling silver black and yellow.Everyone’s physique is different. I have also seen customers wearing sterling silver jewelry, and the more they wear it, the brighter it becomes.

6. Is there an effective way to extend the life of jewelry?

(1)Avoid wearing the same jewelry for a long time
(2)Bath and wash hands / Take it off when you sweat a lot. If you accidentally touch it, wipe it clean with a dry cloth as soon as possible to avoid residue.
(3)Take it off and use it dry Wipe with a cloth and store in a ziplock bag to keep out air.
(4) Individually stored in zipper bags to avoid differences in jewelry materials ,causing mutual friction damage
(5)Avoid direct contact with perfume, soap, hair spray, shampoo Detergents, acid and alkali chemicals, and other chemical items to prevent jewelry from being damaged by corrosion, fading, etc.
(6)Prevent excessive beating and heavy pressure