About us

✅Hong Kong licensed business registration company K Jewellery Co.

✅Our shop has its own workshop, you can order 18K real gold, and 3D computer graphics are drawn by professional jewelry designers

✅Our team selects moissanite, which has undergone strict process inspection and is screened one by one. Only 1-3% of rough stones are eligible to be selected! Even if the styles are similar, The quality of the moissanite in our shop is definitely different than the general one. After the order is placed, the moissanite is independently inlaid by the gold craftsman.

✅Silver-plated 18K jewelry website wholesale cost price, gold artisan craftsmanship in the whole store, physical shooting, all moissanite guaranteed to pass the diamond pen test

✅Our store does not have a store, it specializes in online sales, and there is no other shop rent and miscellaneous expenses to refer consumers. The best quality jewelry in the whole store is carefully selected at the cost price

✅Moissanite /natural diamond / gem /18K gold /925 silver plated 18K gold, will clearly indicate

 Cubic Zirconia are imported with high quality, clarity and cut, not general wholesale quality

✅Our aim is to get the best and highest quality jewelry for our customers

✅Each product sold through this site has an electronic receipt

✅New photos released every day please follow:

our words

🎈 This shop is a franchise website for sales, the pictures are all taken by us in kind, we choose and inlay each moissanite carefully, sample We all know that the most important thing in online sales is the physical effect.

🎈Our team is mainly engaged in website sales, we do not have stores, we can sell to other places, and everyone can easily buy jewelry online. I try to use real objects to shoot without filters. Moissanite, but we all know that shadow flash is very difficult, and no FILTERS is very difficult. I will try my best to do my best to be better than everyone, and try my best to answer every customer's needs.

🎈Why can't custom-made jewelry be worth one thousand or several hundred mosquitoes?
Because of the price of gold/design/computer drawing/making wax model/casting plaster model/casting/burning/executing model/stone setting/grinding/electroplating/polishing.
Every process is done by hand, and each piece is made to order independently. It is impossible to imagine the same price as mass production. Even if the silver products are inlaid, I only use selected stones for inlays. Please do not use wholesale mass production. Compared with hand-made, our quality is absolutely worthy of the price. Metalworking is also made of sufficient materials, not light gold to accommodate the price. We can sell as much as it is worth.

🎈 Without a price war, our website sales are already wholesale prices, and there is no expense for opening the market. The price of the monthly discount style is to earn word of mouth. The price of moissanite is good, and we will not use inferior stones to pursue low prices. , K The gold and platinum custom-made models are all hand-made and independently made of molds. The gold price and cost are also very high. I hope everyone understands the standard of custom-made metalworking.

🎈 We just want to use the best price to make the best jewelry everyone , Moissanite is the physical structure closest to diamond, so the effect is as durable as other imitation diamonds Not the same, the price is very different

🎈 For each batch of moissan we produce, we only have 1-3% Can be used for inlaid jewelry, such as K Gold custom is more 1% Below, the screening criteria are based on the highest grade of diamonds

🎈New imported Cubic Zirconia series, there are many different qualities of Cubic Zirconia in the market, the best is the effect closest to diamonds, with the clarity and cut effect of diamonds and moissanite, it is not easy to see the difference with the naked eye.

🎈 Thank you for trusting our customers, nice to meet you

Our shop Moissanite

The manager has been engaged in jewelry trading for many years, and is committed to obtaining high-quality and economical jewelry for customers. From discovering the potential of Moissanite diamonds, to starting to visit different Moissanite production factories.
After walking through many rough roads and seeing a lot of moissanite with high price and quality, I found the factory that is now cooperating with production, with exclusive improvement technology, from manufacturing the main stone / cutting / production / setting / designing and making K gold, all It is the same production line, made by highly experienced craftsmen, that allows us to monitor all quality and results vigorously.
Now we are very satisfied with the quality and effect, we can recommend it to our guests and it is worth inlaying with 18K gold.
Moissanite of good quality, like diamonds, will not change color or age, so it can be worn all the time. It is used to inlay 18K gold, because it is not easy to deteriorate and fade and oxidize, especially the classic jewelry, which is very suitable for long-term use.

Even if it is a Moissanite diamond, there are big differences between different qualities. There are different quality Moissanite diamonds in the market.
As long as it is moissanite, it can pass the diamond pen test, but they, like diamonds, have different colors and degrees of transparency.

High-quality moissanite can reach D color (highly transparent and colorless) VVS clarity (no impurities). Only the colorless moissanite can highlight the natural brilliance of the main stone, transparent and naturally shiny.
For example, a bite of general quality will: opaque, whitish, and yellow, the effect will be greatly reduced, there is no natural and transparent texture like a diamond, and some will be too flashing (false flashing), which is very unnatural.

The above clips are real objects of K Jewellery, indoor LED lighting effects

The above clips are taken in kind by K Jewellery, and the moissanite in the whole store can pass the drill pen

The above effect is the real D color (highly transparent and colorless) VVS clarity (no impurities)