Ring Size Chart How to measure ring size

The ring size used in this shop is Hong Kong code

Method 1

If you have a ring you are wearing, you can measure the diameter of the inner circle of the ring, measure the diameter of the inner circle (the most middle position "inner circle diameter")
Please put the ruler scale in the middle, it will be inaccurate if it is above or below.
The diameters in the comparison table below are mm (millimeters)

Method Two:

Free Ring Scale


Ring scales are free and do not need to be returned

Method 1: Orders for other jewelry in the store

You can indicate in the remark area that you need a ring measurer as a gift, and the measurer will be sent together with the jewelry in the order (you don’t need to order a ring measurer, but you can send it to the remark area The customer service asks for a ring measurer, which can be provided for free, and will not be given if there is no note)

Method 2: The customer only needs to pay the freight (SF Express)

You can get it for free with a $40 deposit, and the deposit will be returned in the form of a gift card

How to use the gift card: Please checkout page

1. After entering the address phone name

2. Above the payment method, there is a space to enter the gift card number (note: it cannot be entered in the shopping cart)

Customers receive an email with the gift card URL after purchasing the item.

Gift cards can be provided to staff when placing an order on FB/IG/Whatsapp, or when shopping on the website, enter and use on the checkout page