Order Notice/Order Time and Logistics Method

Please read carefully before purchasing and place an order after confirmation. By placing an order, you have read and agreed to all the notices of our store.

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🔵Order delivery time

- Due to the large number of styles and ring sizes, moissanite needs to be handpicked one by one, and it cannot be stocked in large quantities. After the order is placed, it will be inlaid by a professional goldsmith according to the customer's ring style and size.

  • Silver 925 plated 18K style

Sent in about 5-10 working days, except for a few items that need to be customized, the customized product page will explain, if you have a request for a date, you can communicate with the customer service to arrange as much as possible, because it is hand-inlaid products, it is recommended to reserve Plenty of time to order.

💎A small amount of earrings and necklaces are in stock, please refer to the "spot area", "the item is marked in stock" is in stock, and the option is not marked in stock and there is no stock, Shipping within 2-3 days after placing an order in stock

  • 18K diamond version

It will be shipped in about 7-14 working days, except for some items that need to be customized, please allow enough time to place an order. In case of out of stock, you can get your money back.

Credit card payments can only be refunded to the store consumption, and cannot be refunded to the bank or cash. Cash/FPS/bank deposits can be refunded to the bank.

In addition to being out of stock after the order is placed, if the delivery date is delayed, there will be no refund or exchange.

  • 14K/18K gold customization

The order period is about 2-3 weeks. The size and style will be determined first before production begins. The process of ordering products is complicated. Every piece of jewelry must go through professional drawing, calculation, polishing, polishing and inlaying. Crafted by professional gold artisans.

-During peak seasons and promotions, delivery may take longer, for best quality, please do not rush orders.

Please refer to the following website for details of custom made 18K gold

🔵Logistics method

1. Hong Kong : Shipping by SF Express

Available Residential Address/SF Express Station/Smart Cabinet/Business address

Free shipping for purchases above HKD600, HKD$600below $30shipping

2. Macao will send goods by SF Express

Free shipping for purchases over HK$$1000, HK$$1000 $30Shipping

3. Taiwan will send goods by SF Express

Free shipping for (HKD$1500/TWD$6000) and above, (HKD$1500/TWD$6000) (HKD50/TWD200)Freight

Note: Taiwan orders must attach the following information to clear the customs, please contact our customer service to submit the information, or fill in the ID card in the order remarks area Number and full name in Chinese

  1. Full ID number
  2. Phone number and name of registered "EZ WAY 亿利证" real-name authentication APP

In order to ensure smooth customs clearance, the recipient’s information is requested to be authenticated and registered first. For details, please refer to the official website of Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance and Customs Administration or click here.

A shipment without real-name authentication and confirming that the recipient has an entrustment will not be able to be imported through customs in Taiwan.

For details, please refer to the following SF official website


4. FedEx /DHLAustralia, America, Canada, and France will ship goods

Silver Plating18KJewelry

Free shipping for (HKD3000/US385) and above, (HKD3000/US385) (HKD300/US38)Shipping


about 7-13days after placing the order

18Kgold jewelry

Free shipping for (HKD6000/US770) and above, (HKD6000/US770) (HKD300/US38)Shipping

About 2-3 weeks after the order is placedshipped

5.Singapore area will send goods by FedEx/DHL

Silver Plating18KJewelry

Free shipping for (HKD2500/SG450) and above, (HKD2500/SG450) (HKD200/SG39)Shipping fee


about 7-13days after placing the order

18Kgold jewelry

Free shipping for purchases over (HKD5000/SG900), (HKD5000/SG900) (HKD200/SG39)Shipping fee

After the custom order is placed, it will be sent out in about 2-3days and weeks

🔵Order and product payment method

-Payment method on this site:

(Choose QFPay) AlipayHK/WeChat Pay/Tap&Go - Coupons can be used

Visa/ Master/ AE/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay/ FPS/ Bank Deposit

-If you use bank transfer or FPS, please complete the transfer within 24 hours after placing the order. If you fail to transfer within 24 hours, please contact us first, and we will help you keep the order

- All orders cannot be changed or canceled once placed

- Products will be checked by hand before shipment to ensure that there are no problems before sending out

🔵Ring size

The size of the ring used in this store is Hong Kong code
The ring size can be measured by referring to the following webpage, or order a ring measurer on the website
https://www.k- jewelry.co/pages/ring-size
The ring is set separately after the order is placed. If you want to change the size after placing the order, you must re-set and charge. For details, please refer to our store's exchange policy