Little knowledge about moissanite

Advantages of moissanite:

1. Affordable price: Moissanite is more affordable than diamonds, which means you can own a beautiful gemstone at a lower cost.

2.Moissanite stones are all good or bad. Our store promises that each stone is hand-selected. Moissanite is selected for actual shooting. Only 1% of the original stones are eligible for selection. !

3. Solid hardness: Moissanite has a hardness of 9.5, which is slightly lower than diamond, but still quite strong. This allows moissanite to withstand everyday wear and use while also being suitable for use in jewelry designs.

4. Difficult to distinguish: Compared with diamonds, moissanite is difficult to distinguish. So, if you are looking for an affordable gemstone that looks very similar to diamonds, moissanite is a great choice.

5. The same physical properties as diamonds are permanent and can pass the diamond pen test. (Real diamond testing equipment, currently only moissanite and diamonds can pass the test)The naked eye cannot tell whether it is high-quality moissanite or diamond!

In short, moissanite is an affordable, beautiful, colorful, and strong gemstone that has its own unique advantages over diamonds. If you are looking for a beautiful gemstone without breaking the bank, moissanite is a great choice.

What is moissanite?

If you haven’t heard of Moissanite (aka gem-grade silicon carbide), its appearance can often be mistaken for diamond.
However, it is not a diamond simulator. It surpasses diamond in both fire and brilliance. Its extreme hardness makes it ideal for heirloom quality jewelry as it is extremely resistant to scratches, chips and breaks. Our Moissanite diamonds are cut and polished better than most diamonds commonly sold in engagement rings.
Plus, Moissanite is ethical and environmentally friendly for the socially conscious person.

Unlike other diamond alternatives that darken and dull over time, Moissanite is as atomically stable as diamond, making it impossible to change color or lose its optical properties over time. In fact, considering that moissanite is more heat-resistant than diamond, it could be argued that it is more atomically stable. What is moissanite? You can choose jewelry with confidence that it will shine for a lifetime.