Customized jewelry instructions and procedures

Moissanite is the closest physical structure to diamond. It will not become tarnished over time. Its hardness is higher than that of high-carbon diamond, so it will not cause surface changes or scratches. Moissanite is currently the most popular A diamond substitute that is completely indistinguishable to the naked eye and is very suitable for K gold inlays.

We provide professional design and customization services to create unique jewelry for youOur professional design team has rich experience and creativity, and can carefully design jewelry that matches your unique style and personal taste according to your requirements and preferences.

During the design process, we will listen to your needs and ideas and provide advice combined with our expertise to ensure the final design meets your expectationsWe can use different gemstones, metals and design elements at your request to create a truly unique piece

Our production process pays great attention to detail and precisionOur craftsmen possess superb skills and combine exquisite craftsmanship with high-quality materials to ensure that every piece of custom-made jewelry is of outstanding quality and beauty.

Whether you want to customize wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets or any other type of jewelry, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and creating a unique and precious piece for you.

If you are interested in our custom design services or have any questions, please feel free to contact our professional teamWe look forward to working with you to realize your jewelry dreamsThank you for your trust and support in us!

The above video is our 18K customized style

Please read the instructions carefully before placing orders and quotations

Customized K gold is purely handmade. Each model requires independent computer drawings to make molds, independent inlays, grinding and polishing. Customizing a ring requires a lot of processes, and attaches great importance to craftsmanship and inlay work. The price difference is greater than that of silver plating. big

Why is the price of customized jewelry not lower than a thousand or several hundred yuan?

This is because the price of custom jewelry is affected by many factors, including gold price, design complexity, computer graphics, mold making, casting, setting, grinding, plating and polishing, etc.Each process needs to be independently hand-made, and each customized product requires an independent mold. This is completely different from mass-production mold making, so it cannot be compared at the same price.

Customized silver jewelry also requires a similar process, so the price is much more expensive than existing ones.

The price of moissanite varies greatly. We will not use low-quality stone to pursue low prices. We adhere to the principle of high quality and use high-quality materials for production.Our metalworking also uses adequate materials rather than using light metal to reduce costsWe believe that the price should match the quality of the product

Quotations for customized K-gold ring styles, card numbers and sizes vary. Please provide the following information before quoting:

1) Style

2) Ring number

3) Customization requirements

4) Budget

K gold quotations are based on estimated prices. Customized/complex models require a computer drawing from the designer to calculate the final gold weight and all stone weights.

K gold customization process (current models in the store):

1. Provide detailed requirements: You provide relevant information such as the size of the main stone, ring number, customization requirements, and budget.
2. Designer's quotation: Our designers estimate the gold and stone weight according to your needs and provide you with a quotation.
3. Confirm quotation and payment: After you confirm and accept the quotation, complete the payment process
4. 3D design confirmation: We will provide a computer 3D drawing of your jewelry in about seven working days to confirm the design details.
5. Customization completed: After confirming the computer 3D drawing, we will arrange for about three to four weeks to customize and complete your customization

    Customization process (customized with drawings):

    1. Provide clear pictures: Please provide clear pictures, including front and side photos, so that we can make customized models.
    2. Preliminary design evaluation: We conduct a preliminary design evaluation based on the pictures provided and provide a preliminary quotationThe gold weight and stone weight in the quotation are estimates based on the initial design.
    3. Pay deposit: In order to confirm your willingness to customize and start design and production, please pay half of the deposit for the customized price (half of the deposit for styles with a payment of more than 10,000 yuan)
    4. 3D design drawing confirmation: About one week after paying the deposit, our designers will make a computer 3D drawing of the jewelry for you.This picture will be adjusted according to your requirements and the actual gold and stone weight of the customized model.
    5. Final quotation determination: Based on the final design and actual gold and stone weight, we will provide a final quotationIf the gold weight and main stone size in the design are adjusted, the quote will be adjusted accordingly
    6. Customized model price negotiation: After confirming the final design and quotation, if the price of the customized model needs to be adjusted, we will communicate with you and negotiate the final customized model price.
    7. Pay the remaining amount: Please pay the remaining full amount of the customization payment to confirm the production of the customization.
    8. Customized model production: Once the payment is completed, we will start the production of customized models, which is expected to take four to six weeks.

    Please note that after the deposit payment is completed, if the customer chooses to give up the order due to personal reasons or price adjustment, the deposit will not be refunded.This is because during the customization process, our team will invest time and effort in preliminary design and communicationThe payment of the deposit represents the customer’s confirmation and willingness to order.

    If you have other requirements or questions about the customization process, please feel free to tell usWe will serve you wholeheartedly!