Customized 18K Gold Process

Moissanite is the closest physical structure to diamond. It will not get old due to time. Its hardness is higher than that of high carbon diamonds, so it will not change or scratch the surface. Moissanite is the most popular A diamond substitute, completely indistinguishable by the naked eye, ideal for 18K gold inlays.

The above video is our 18K custom style

Before placing an order and quoting, please read the instructions carefully

Customized K-gold is purely handmade. Each model needs an independent computer drawing to make a mold, and independent inlay grinding and polishing. Ordering a ring requires a lot of work, and attaches great importance to the craftsmanship and inlay work. The price difference is compared with silver gold plating. big.

Why can't custom-made jewelry be worth one thousand or several hundred dollars?

Because of the price of gold/design/computer graphics/making wax model/casting plaster model/casting/casting/manufacturing/stone setting/grinding/electroplating/polishing
Each process needs to be done by hand independently , The single piece is independently customized, and the same price as mass production cannot be imagined. The above process is the same for customized silver products, so it will be much more expensive than the existing ones.

The price of moissanite is very good. We will not use inferior stones to pursue low prices. Our quality is absolutely worthy of the price. Metalwork is also made of sufficient materials, not light gold to accommodate the price. We sell as much as it is worth. .

The quotations for the number of cards and sizes of custom-made K gold ring styles vary. Please provide the following information before quoting:

1) Style

2) Ring

3) Customized requirements

4) Budget

The price of K gold is based on the estimated price. For custom/complex models, the designer must produce a computer map to calculate the final gold weight and all stone weights.

K gold ordering process (available in store):

  • Provide center stone size, ring number, customized requirements, budget
  • Let the designer estimate the gold weight and stone weight for quotation
  • Pay after confirming the quotation, and produce the jewelry computer 3D drawing in about 2-3 days to confirm the design
  • It will take about 2-3 weeks to complete the customization after the computer 3D image is determined

K gold ordering process (to map order):

• Client delivers clear pictures (preferably front and side)

• Provide center stone size, ring, custom request, budget

• Ask the designer to estimate the gold weight and stone weight for quotation

• For K gold customized models, the computer map must be produced at the end to calculate the final gold weight and all stone weights. The price of the final computer 3D map shall prevail

• The first half of the deposit (estimated price is half of the estimated price) will be made to order the computer map. According to the designer's final draft, there is a chance that a supplementary price will be required. After payment, the jewelry computer 3D map will be produced about one week after the payment to confirm the design.

• After confirming the 3D drawing of the computer, pay for the full order, and complete the payment before starting the production.

• Order in about 2-3 weeks after payment is completed