Our store packaging

K Jewelery Co. provides each customer with exquisite packaging. Whether for personal use or as a gift, it still has a full sense of ceremony. Life is not easy, and you need to be better to others and yourself

Package includes:
Jewelry box, our special fine velvet silver cloth, special microfiber leather jewelry bag, jewelry maintenance advice card

Note: In order to respond to environmental protection, our store will not include paper bags and ribbons in the shipping packages. If you need to include paper bags and ribbons for gift giving, please indicate in the remarks area when placing an order that you require paper bags and ribbons. Ribbon packaging

Accessory packaging box (may be changed to a different packaging box at different times, subject to receipt)

Our shop customizes fine velvet silver cloth - it can better protect your jewelry and develop a good habit of cleaning jewelry frequently

Our store's special microfiber leather jewelry bag - convenient for everyone to store jewelry, made of thick velvet without buttons, suitable for carrying small things when traveling

Jewelry care advice card - I suggest everyone read it to effectively protect your jewelry

Branded paper bags - In response to environmental protection, paper bags will not be included in shipping packages. If you need to attach a paper bag, please indicate in the remarks area that you want a paper bag (black/white 2 colors) Randomly issued)

When you purchase over $1,000, our store will give you a pen cleaner
Soft bristles and detergent are combined into one. Just open the pen cap, turn the detergent out from the tail (for new pens, please turn it a dozen times more), and then lightly brush on the moissanite/diamond. Wait for a few minutes, then rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. You will immediately see the difference after cleaning.
Note: Only shipping to Hong Kong, liquids cannot be sent abroad