Our moissanite

Our Moissanite

The store manager has been engaged in jewelry trading for many years, and is committed to obtaining high-quality and economical jewelry for customers. From discovering the potential of Moissanite diamonds, to starting to visit different Moissanite production factories.

After walking through many rough roads and seeing a lot of moissanite with high price and quality, I found the factory that is now cooperating with production, with exclusive improved technology, from manufacturing center stone/cutting/production/setting/designing and making K Gold, all on the same production line, is made by highly experienced artisans, allowing us to effectively monitor all quality and results.
Now we are very satisfied with the quality and effect, we can recommend it to our guests and it is worth using 18K gold inlay.
A good quality moissanite will not change color or age like a diamond, so it can be worn all the time. It is used to inlay 18K gold, because it is not easy to deteriorate and fade and oxidize, especially the classic jewelry, which is very suitable for long-term use.

🎈We only have 1-3% of each batch of moissanite that can be used for inlaid jewelry, such as K Gold customization is less than 1%, and the screening standard is based on the highest grade of diamonds

Even Moissanite diamonds are different in quality. There are moissanite diamonds of different quality in the market.
As long as they are moissanite, they can pass the diamond pen test, but they also have different colors like diamonds. and transparency,

High-quality moissanite can reach D color (highly transparent and colorless) VVS clarity (no impurities). Only the colorless moissanite can highlight the natural brilliance of the main stone, transparent and naturally shining.
A bite of general quality will: opaque, whitish, and yellow, the effect will be greatly reduced, there is no natural and transparent texture like a diamond, and some will sparkle too much (false sparkle), which is very unnatural.

The above clips are real objects of K Jewellery, indoor LED lighting effects The above clips are taken by K Jewellery in kind, the whole store can pass the moissanite test pen, the above effect is the real D color (high transparent colorless) VVS clarity (no impurities)